Common Queries

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I ordered a box or a subscription, but now I'll be out of town. What can I do?

If you will unexpectedly be out of town on a week where you placed an order please let us know at least 24 hours in advance. You can donate your box through our charitable program, gift it to a friend, reschedule it, or request a refund. 

Unlike most Community Supported Agriculture, we don't require you to buy a whole season - but we hope you'll want to!! Subscribing is an easy ordering option, and we will be glad to work with you for weeks where you will be out of town. 

Just give us a call if you have any problems getting your orders placed. 

How do you promote environmental stewardship on the farm?

There is so much we could share here! Be on the look out for future blog posts with more details. Our land is our legacy and everything we do is geared toward preserving and improving it. We grow our produce the way we want to eat it at our own table! We use ground cover for weed control and water retention, and drip irrigation to conserve water.

Over 300 acres are maintained in our natural woodland & conservation forest providing habitat for birds, deer, bob cats, fox, beaver, turkeys, and a wealth of other animals including the occasional bear. Given our location in one of the fastest growing counties in the Alabama, it is more important than ever to provide and nurture this critical wildlife habitat. 

Where is your farm? And tell me about the dog.

We are in Shelby county near the St. Clair county line off of Hwy 231 on the banks of Kelly Creek between Vincent and Pell City. 

If you are coming to our farm stand, you turn into the field right off Hwy 231 -  look for the tents and the gravel drive. 

Our spoke-dog is Bach. He's a German Wire-haired Pointer. He's a mess, but we love him. You can spot him on the back of our t-shirts and in a lot of our commercials. We also have a rescue Great White Pyrenees named Cotton, a rescue Blue Heeler named Gunner, and two much loved stray mutts named Lucky and Strea. 

How can I support your donation program?

You can volunteer to help with the gleaning harvest, which will be donated to charity along with anything picked earlier in the week that wasn't sold..  Community Service hours are available.

You can also suggest a food bank or other organization that is able to distribute fresh food. We would love to donate to your favorite organization!


You can spread the word about us by liking and sharing our Face Book page, telling your friends about us, and interacting with us on social media. 

Check back soon for a donate now button if you would like to financially contribute as well.

What is in the box?

Each morning we fill our produce boxes with produce picked at just the perfect time and deliver it to you fresh. Since we pick your produce exactly like we pick it to enjoy at our home, we can't tell you the exact contents of your  box in advance. However, throughout most of the summer you can expect a nice variety of produce which could include vine ripened and cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, squash, zucchini, sweet corn, beans, peppers, and peas. Each week we'll also add fruit or another treat grown here or on another local farm for you to enjoy.

What if I don’t like what I get in my box?

Getting a variety box of produce means occasionally you may get something you don't enjoy or have never tried. We have set our pricing to give you a great value with that in mind.  You may have a friend or neighbor who would love to have those tomatoes (or okra,  green beans, etc). You could also consider donating any extra produce to someone in need. We'll also share some of our favorite recipes as well as tips on how to use the produce in your box. You may find a new favorite! 

If you have an allergy or sensitivity and would prefer we not put something in your box at all, please let us know. 

Tell me about the U-pick?

We are so excited to have a new way to share our farm with all of you and would like to invite you over to pick strawberries. 

No reservation is needed, but hours can vary based on supply and weather, so we recommend you check our FaceBook page, call or message before you head out. 

There is no admission charge. Our u-pick berries are $12 a bucket. We also have pre-picked at $4 a pint, $6 a quart, $8 for 2 pounds, or $15 a bucket. If you call or message when you head this way we will have them ready for you. 

Cash or credit accepted. 


Can I customize my box? Or add something on?

We will bring you variety that includes everything that is ready to pick for your delivery (or pick-up) day. Eventually we may offer customization and add ons, but for now we are only offering the variety box. You can order more than one box for delivery or pick up if you have a bigger family or are a true veggie lover.