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7 Tips for Berry Good Pictures

Updated: May 24, 2021

In 1820, our family settled on the banks of Kelly Creek, just at the St Clair and Shelby county line. Our family farm has grown just about everything that can grow in Alabama in the 200 years since then. However, while strawberries have made an occasional appearance in the garden, 2021 marked our very first season as strawberry farmers. We jumped into this adventure with both feet, planting nearly 5 acres of strawberries (that is 34,000 plants)! We have had thousands of our friends and neighbors come visit our u-pick farm, asking questions and sharing tips. We have learned so much, so I thought I would share some of my favorite tips to help you get the most out of your visits to our u-pick strawberry farm. First up: 7 tips to help you capture the memories of your farm visit with great photos.


Seven generations have farmed here at DeLoach Farms, so we fell in love with this image, captured by @sydneyferrillphoto, with 4 generations enjoying a beautiful day together picking strawberries at DeLoach Farms. This is a great example of Tip 4!


There are so many great reasons to plan a trip to a strawberry field (like taking home the best strawberries ever!). You will get the most enjoyment out of your visit if you put some thought into which goals are the most important to you before you plan your trip. If capturing the memories of your fun farm visit is on your list, check out these 7 tips:

  1. If great pictures are your top priority, then plan the time of your visit with good lighting in mind. Strawberry fields don't have much shade. Many professional photographers avoid the strong mid-day sun in order to get the soft colors and dreamy images that come from more diffused or indirect light. Don't worry if your visit isn't during the morning or late afternoon though. You can still get great shots. Look for ways to shoot with the lighting behind or to the side of your subject or find a shady spot. You can also play around with filters and editing tools to lighten shadows, reduce contrast, and soften colors (or make them pop). When it comes to filters, a light touch usually gets the best result.

2. Think outside the box: A cloudy day and a field full of mud puddles might be the perfect place to capture action shots of your littles splashing through puddles in cute rain boots. You can think outside the box when it comes to outfits too. A red tee and overalls or a cute farm tee-shirt can be just as cute as a strawberry outfit (although we love those so much!). You can also have fun with accessories - like red sunglasses, a sunhat, or a cute u-pick bucket or basket.


3. Strawberries can be messy, especially when kids are involved. I suggest taking some 'before' pictures when you arrive, and then 'after' pictures with full buckets and jammy mouths.

4. Take a variety of pictures. Capture the scenery as well as action shots and interesting details like a blossom, sticky fingers, or a cute bucket. Don't forget to get some pictures of yourself too. We are always happy to take a few photos for you or point out great locations for photos.

5. Keep safety in mind. Before you sit or lean on a tractor, truck, or bench check to make sure it isn't too hot.

6. Most importantly, don't forget to enjoy the time together.

7. Continue the fun when you get home. Take the opportunity to grab a few last pictures so you can tell the story entire of your visit to the farm.

We absolutely love seeing your photos! Tag @DeLoachFarms on Instagram or FaceBook, check in, leave a review or post to our Facebook, Google, or Yelp page. Thank you for supporting local farming! We can't wait to see you here.

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