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Supporting local farming is our jam

We think supporting local farming is good for our bodies and our communities, and we aren't the only ones. The smart folks at UAB have a lot to say about the benefits of eating locally grown foods too. They have shared 7 reasons we should all consider eating local:

  1. Locally grown food is fresher and tastes better: We love it when our customers tell us "that was the best ... I've ever had". It's not that we are doing anything magical. Most of what goes into our produce boxes is picked the same day you get it, and fresh really does taste better.

  2. It's seasonal: It can be hard standing in the middle of the grocery store trying to figure out what is in season locally and what has been stored or shipped in. Buying local makes it easy to know what is in season.

  3. You are helping preserve farmland and green spaces in your community: Our 700-acre farm is in Shelby County Alabama. We are deeply committed to being good stewards of this precious resource. Check out our YouTube video to learn more.

  4. It's safer: Less processing between the grower and your table means less risk of contamination.

  5. There is more variety: We can plant what tastes great without having to limit ourselves to just varieties that ship well or have a large commercial market.

  6. Eating local strengthens our community: There is a sense of trust and interdependency that comes from having a relationship with the people who grow (and eat) your food.

  7. You are supporting your local economy: When local farmers support other local growers and suppliers this impact is multiplied. We love working with other local growers and makers like our friends at Hornsby Farms. They turn fresh Alabama produce into the best jams and jellies we have ever had (#thisisnotacommercial #Ijustcan'tstopeatingit). You can follow them on Instagram @HornsbyFarms. If you are lucky enough to get one of their jams or jellies tucked into a DeLoach Farms produce box, you should also check out their best tips for creative ways to use their jellies in our Bite-Sized tips blog.

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